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Our Staff

Our Staff

These are the people currently working at The Coffee Place


Name: Samantha Jones

Background: Samantha has managed TheCoffeePlace for 5 years. She previously worked as an assistant manager at a larger coffee chain but wanted a smaller, more community-focused shop. She has a business degree and loves the fast-paced, energetic environment of the coffee shop. Samantha lives in MarkLand City with her partner and two dogs.

Personality: Organized, supportive, motivated. Samantha runs a tight ship but wants the shop to maintain its welcoming, friendly vibe. She leads by example and isn’t afraid to jump in and help during the busiest times. Samantha cares about her employees and encourages their professional development.

Samantha Jones has decided to write a cartoon strip called RoboMark:


Name: Ryan Smith

Background: Ryan is one of the original baristas at TheCoffeePlace, having worked there for 3 years. He stumbled into the job in college but found he loved interacting with customers and mastering complicated espresso drinks. Ryan is saving up to attend culinary school.

Personality: Easygoing, chatty, knowledgeable. Ryan thrives under pressure and keeps the mood light even during rushes. He remembers regulars’ orders and often has recommendations for new drinks to try. Ryan trains new baristas with patience.

Name: Eva Rodriguez

Background: Eva just started working at TheCoffeePlace 6 months ago. She moved to MarkLand City after graduating college in Seattle and missed the coffee culture there. Eva aspires to manage a coffee shop one day.

Personality: Focused, competitive, cheerful. Eva obsesses over coffee knowledge and wants to make the perfect drink every time. She challenges herself to improve speed while maintaining quality during busy times. Eva’s upbeat attitude keeps customers smiling.


Name: James Wilson

Background: James worked in retail for many years before joining TheCoffeePlace as a cashier a year ago. He enjoyed interacting with customers at the clothing store but wanted to learn something new. James is saving for his daughter’s college education.

Personality: Patient, calm, thoughtful. James keeps lines moving efficiently while maintaining positive customer interactions. He is always happy to answer questions and recommend menu items. James handles problems with grace under pressure.

James Wilson has decided to write about the authors of books he likes to read:

Kitchen Staff

Baker Name: Sofia Garcia

Background: Sofia is a classically trained pastry chef who leads the kitchen’s baking team. She grew up cooking with her grandmother and went to culinary school. Sofia joined TheCoffeePlace 2 years ago to create delicious baked goods with quality ingredients.

Personality: Precise, creative, funny. Sofia meticulously develops new recipes and seasons classics with unique twists. She keeps the kitchen lively with her witty sense of humor. Sofia mentors younger staff.

Food Prep Name: Juan Rodriguez

Background: Juan learned on-the-job kitchen skills at his family’s restaurant before being hired at TheCoffeePlace. He worked his way up from dishwasher to food prep over the last 4 years. Juan arrives early each morning to prep sandwiches, salads, and other items.

Personality: Hardworking, reliable, quick. Juan steadily chops ingredients and assembles food with efficiency. He maintains organized workstations for himself and others. Juan jumps in to assist the bakers when needed.

Backup Name: Lisa Chen

Background: Lisa was hired last month as extra help in the kitchen. She is currently a college student studying nutrition interested in learning different cooking styles. Lisa hopes to someday become a personal chef.

Personality: Eager, energetic, outgoing. As the new team member, Lisa arrives ready to take on any task. She asks lots of questions and has a cheerful attitude. Lisa enjoys the lively kitchen atmosphere.


Name: Michael Brown

Background: Michael was one of the people we hired when B. Dalton Books closed. Michael keeps TheCoffeePlace running smoothly, handling cleaning, repairs, inventory, and odd jobs. He started as a barista but shifted roles after injuring his back. Michael has been at the shop for 8 years and knows all its quirks inside and out.

Personality: Steady, thorough, friendly. Michael works methodically to keep the shop clean and everything in working order. He maintains inventory and orders supplies before they run out. Michael enjoys chatting with the staff and regulars.

Micheal Brown has another talent … He likes to write! His current topics are about his dreams. Here are some of his works from an upcoming novel, 365 days of dreams:

Shift Supervisors

Name: Nicole Lewis

Background: Nicole was the second person we hired from B. Dalton Books after they closed. Nicole worked her way up from barista to shift supervisor over the past 6 years at TheCoffeePlace. She is finishing her business degree online while managing the work schedule and staff. Nicole hopes to become the next store manager.

Personality: Responsible, encouraging, driven. Nicole leads shifts with positivity and keeps operations running smoothly. She jumps on bar or register when needed to set an example for staff. Nicole gives feedback to help employees develop their skills.

Nicole Lewis used to work for the County Sewer Department. Nicole also has hopes to write business theme related books.

Here’s a chapter.

Name: Andrew Kim

Background: Andrew joined TheCoffeePlace 2 years ago with prior restaurant experience. However, he has quickly mastered the unique aspects of a busy coffee shop. Andrew is currently the newest shift supervisor and learning from the others.

Personality: Adaptable, curious, calm. Andrew takes new challenges in stride and sees them as opportunities to learn. He asks questions when unsure but is a quick study. Andrew maintains his cool when dealing with problems.