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Policy - Website Articles

Attention staff:

New policy. “Website articles”

We have a website, (thecoffeeplace.Com) of course, the theme is coffee, we are a coffee shop after all. But, if you have writing, and you would like to post your writing (samples) on the website, then send an email message to Samantha (the manager)

Samantha will review your submission. And if Samantha deems it acceptable (her discretion) then we will post it on the coffee place website under your name.

We assume the rights to keep the document and post it on the website even if you retire from this work site. We researve the rights to edit your document to fit out needs.

You still hold the rights to this document but cannot enter into any agreement that causes us to lose our right to post and even update the document.

If we do post your article then we will pay you the equivalent of two hours of your salary. We will also add one point to our secret Santa list and use that tally in our formula to compute annual bonuses. (Assuming you are still working here when we hand out bonuses)

Happy writing

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Policy - Graffiti

Attention staff:

Effective immediately no staff is allowed to mark the bathrooms with graffiti.

Being caught may result in the immediate termination.

If you find someone has scribbled on the walls, it is your responsibility to clean the walls, or, at least report the damage to Michael (cleaning maintenance)

April 2024 addendum.

Apparently we have a grafitti artist that specializes in writing short story’s. I’m not sure why, I guess they want to contribute to our online presence.

Michael, please photograph interesting artwork. We will review them in our weekly staff meetings, and vote on whether or not they should be posted.

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