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Welcome to The Coffee Place.

Welcome to The Coffee Place

The Coffee Place is a collection of pages focusing on several basic themes.

This website is an update or a refresh to the original TheCoffeePlace website which ran (according to the Wayback Machine) from 1999 to 2016. In those days there was a huge collection of jokes (too many were considered offensive), there were also links to other coffeeshops.

The Coffee Place is a homepage for a fictional coffee shop, located in the fictional city called Markland City, located at Piatzo Markland (or as the tourists will call it) Markland Square, a tiny market and nice midsize mall facing the ocean. We are in a corner spot in the mall. We have a drivethru in the back and have seating both indoor and outdoor in a exterior seating area used by a few other surrounding stores in the mall.

The Our Staff link on the right will take you to a link intoducing our staff. Certain members of the staff list have contributed articles to the website, many are available from this page.

The Blog tab above will take you to the latest articles posted to this website.

Links on the right are a few other additional links.

Have fun!