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Dream - 0105 - Cement Sofa

The Bench will need some TLC

MA (I’m not sure if it’s my mommy or someone who goes by the name ma) built us a cement sofa.

What makes this one different from the other cement sofas is that one end of each slab is at a 45 degree angle.

I guess that makes it more comfortable.

I would like to try it but it was delivered and left on that mound of dirt out front.

It’s not flat.

I’m checking it out. The pieces of concrete are held together with an aluminum frame and a couple of joints are already broken.

Before I can move my new couch, I must first fix the broken frame parts.

Graphic Credits

Graphic Credits

I created these graphics using Ideogram.io 1.0

AI Notes

AI Notes

Draw an old park bench, made of concrete and brass. Asque on top of a dirt pile

Draw an old park bench, made of concrete and brass somewhat damaged. Sitting top of a dirt pile draw the bench leaning at a 15 degree angle