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Review: Karen Kijewsky

Karen Kijewski is the latest author I have been reading.

So far I have read 2 Cat Colorado books. I think there are 9 of these books.

Cat Colorado is a lady detective centered in Sacramento California. So a typical book starts with her getting a case and the rest of the book is in pursue of her case, and her personal life.

What stands out for me about this series is that Cat is centered on Sacramento. So she sometimes mentions places that I am familiar with …. and that pings me.

I find many similarities in Karen Kijewski’s writing with Janet Evanovich. Cat is a detective, has two boyfriends (the second named Ranger). Karen is kind of serious. Janet aims for humor.

The beginning of each chapter in a Cat Colorado book is entertaining. The first book has a dear Ann Landers start. The third book has interesting statistics.

I would suggest a 7-8 grade reading level of an adult. It’s fun reading.