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Dream - 0120 - Brain Tumors

People jumping from buildings

Kaiser hospital and IBM have gotten together to develop a device that can detect brain tumors much much faster than ever before.

I am going to a demonstration. How it will work is, You go to the 15th (or 20th) floor to the edge and then you jump, and you will land in a car which is a convertible which happens to be driving by. By the time the car reaches the teller window, the system will tell you if you have a brain tumor.

What was odd to me was people jumping from that height not getting hurt. I watched 2 or 3 people jump. They landed in a car but not necessarily in an upright position.

Currently the system identifies 2 types of brain tumors. Or identifies tumors in two locations. That’s kind of the thing, is the wording for the demo wrong, or did I hear it wrong?

People jumping from buildings People jumping from buildings People jumping from buildings
Graphic Credits

Graphic Credits

The first graphic was created with Craiyon around June 1st, 2024.
The second graphic was created with GenZArt also around June 1st 2024
The rest of the graphics was created with Imagine
Note: these applications are applications I installed on my cell phone.

On the top of a 20 story flat topped building.

People are in line to jump off the building.

Next to the line of people, there is a desk. There is someone sitting behind the desk which has a computer taking data from the people wanting to jump.