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Dream - 0102 - The Ambassador

Furiously sending a resume on a fax machine. But just right.

So, The Ambassador (or relative of the ambassador) was preparing a resume and a cover letter. Then there is an attempt to fax it to the potential new employer. You know how a fax sometimes goes in crooked, making it hard for the recipient to read? And the icons on the fax really make it hard to tell whether you should place the dozens of pages upside down, and also what direction? Facing the scanner, or facing away from the scanner. So the resume is sent again and again. It has to be perfect. It goes to the same phone # over and over. Wait! Shouldn’t you always send a fax cover sheet that is separate from the cover letter? Again and again, fax both sides, it has to be perfect. They won’t read it if it’s crooked. Maybe it’s slightly skewed. Better send it again.

I was to meet with the ambassador at the restaurant or club or wherever.. I have to say, it has a good ocean view. But the people there are angry. It seems someone is sending the same fax over and over.

Graphic Credits

Graphic Credits

I created these graphics using Ideogram.io 1.0