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Dream - Jan 1 - Computer Lab Technician

  • Mark Wachdorf, WriteCream Content Rewriter Tool

I have a new job. I’m a computer lab technician.

The site is in a former ‘Stanton Optical’ store.

They have given me a cubical, with a nice computer chair, and a computer.

My sky blue chair is very dirty so I typically lay on my desk to work. Sfomebody has been by for the second time to work on my dirty chair. Again flakes off stuff, but there’s also a lot of stains to clean out.

My boss drops off 3 dvds. They are of off shapes like one is a fat elephant. I don’t know why. Or what to do with those disks. The bosses kid comes by with a apple tablet and 3 monitors. Three highly highly detailed pictures. I insert the disk in and zoom in and zoom in. I guess I’m suppose to look to see if it gets fuzzy in the wrong way as I zoom in.

When I think about it either this place or the former owners were big into publishing because there are a lot of letter rub on stickers packages on random display stations throughout this place.