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Review: Lee Child

1954 - present

Lee child is responsible for the Jack Reacher series of books.

There are at least 28 of these books.

The back story is.. Jack was in the army, as a military cop. He was 6’ 5”, rather athletic and prone to getting into fights. He was probably the best investigator the army ever had, but due to the changing times he decided to quit, he jumped on a bus and never settled down.

In almost all books, he gets off a bus into some small town, and then discovers there’s a problem and then solves the problem, and then gets on the bus and the book ends.

One could say it’s kind of juvenile, but right now he’s my favorite author. I read a couple of his books, and then I collected the audio books, I think I have then all. They are mostly read by Dick Hill who did a wonderful job of reading his books.

There are two Jack Reacher movies

  • Reacher: - starting Tom Cruise - wonderful movie
  • Reacher: never go back - also starting Tom Cruise. Wonderful movie

Prime has a Reacher series. So far 2 seasons. Each season is based on a book.

If given a choice, I would suggest you read the books (or at least a couple) then the movies, then the series. Actually, lately I am listening to the Audio Book versions of these books. The speaker is so good, I prefer the audiobooks the most.

I found I wasn’t really interested in comparing the books to the movies (or series) they each stood on their own.

One of the things that make his books so entertaining is that he does a good job of strategizing fight scenes. He’ll weigh different fighting strategies. And go into good details. This translated pretty well to the movies and series.

The other thing that made the books, so good was there was a bit of light humor that also translated well to the movies and series.

In 2023
Lee child announced that his brother is taking over the series. This should be interesting.