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Dream - 0103 - The Back Fence

I was in the back yard possibly sunning, which I never do. I was In my underware. It was humid. It’s approaching time to go in. But I was admiring my handywork of what I did to the arbor. Now its an arbor on steroids.

Double angled ceiling made out of wood. The wood colors are starting to fade… I should probably put some varnish on it. I notice about 5 houses down someone is working on their fence. The Hammer tapping the nails on and on. Probably getting revenge for the racket I made awhile ago.

Just then something happens. I imagine the guy banging on the fence, fell into the fence and portions start to fall. Kind of like domino’s but one 8 foot section at a time. And then another section falls, And the fence continues falling and then that neighbors fence starts to fall, until it knocks all the fences separating the backyard 5 houses down to our neighbors.

Our fences are OK because we replaced that fence last year. It’s even using metal posts.

Bummer the posts are rotting on the rest of those fences. Who will fixes those fences? Me or the neighbor 5 houses down? I’m pretty sure some how I’ll be blamed. All those fences are damaged.