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Dream - 0110 - Ocean Beach Dune Buggy

Riding in the Wheel Barrel

I’m at an ocean beach. I have a 1 person dune buggy. It’s wierd. You sit in it, when you lean forward it moves forward, when you lean to the side it turns on that direction. The seating space reminds me of sitting in a wheel barrel. Maybe about the same size or space since I hang out on all the sides. But not like a wheel barrow either.

One big difference is that in the front has a pole. maybe 8 inches in diameter, maybe 12-15 feet long. I think it’s a poor hydrolic because it’s used as an emergency break, to prevent you from damage if you bump into a wall.

My big issue is I’m on the street going up some sort of ramp that leads to the side walk. It has 90 degree turns and this dune buggy is suppose to do that. It’s ok it’s a hassle and people are coming the other way.

Graphic Credits

Graphic Credits

I created these graphics using Ideogram.io 1.0

AI Notes

AI Notes

Draw a 4-wheel wheel barrow motorized. The front of the wheel barrow is a post pointing forward

Someone is sitting in the wheel barrow.

They are riding the wheel barrow down a boardwalk at the beach